The black boys of today are the black men of tomorrow

The black boys of today are the black men of tomorrow

If Black lives matter, why do we break each other down?

This question is asked by many in the black community, including myself. I look at the black community from a different perspective though, I look at the children. Are parents looking at what they are instilling in their children, and what impact it’s going to have on their lives? Or even how they will view the world? When I look at black youths, I can tell what morals, values and beliefs they are taught by the way they talk, walk and interact with their friends.  You can tell a lot about a child through their play, even up to the teenage years. However, parents are not watching these types of things closely.

Recently, my son had a basketball tournament. There was more drama at this tournament than I expected for grade 5 teams. But this was not about the children, this was about the ego and sportsmanship of the coaching staff and parents. A team (99% Black) was caught cheating and had to forfeit the game.  When they were held accountable by the officials they became upset and verbally aggressive towards all involved. They then decided to protest. During the championship game the parents and coaching staff instructed the kids sit on the court so the other teams could not play the scheduled game. It was a show, to say the least! The police were called, and the boys were instructed by their parents not to speak or listen to the police.

So I ask again… If Black Lives Matter, why do we break each other down? The message that these parents are giving their children are irresponsible, dangerous and it’s the beginning steps of breaking our black youths down.

Here is the truth, which many won’t want to hear! These 10 year old, black males, left this protest with these messages:

  • Lying and cheating are worth fighting for
  • Respect for authority is negotiable
  • My actions are not my responsibility
  • Respect of others opinions isn’t important

That’s just a few!

Parents in the black community need to take responsibility for our children. How we do this is easy… All of us won’t have the same perspective, but we all have the ability to look at the bigger picture! We are all capable of taking some time to think about what values and milestones we want to instill in our children. In order to do this though, we have to also want better for ourselves as a race, because your life matters.

I will tell you a little secret that many parents may already know…

Parenting is hard work! But in order to get the true value out of parenting, you HAVE to look at the bigger picture. You HAVE to think about the positive and negative aspects that may affect your child, before any decision is made. And always ask yourself… What message do I want my child to take from any situation? The black boys of today are the black men of tomorrow! And these lives matter!

How do you want your name to live on?


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